Delivering for Dancers

I have been involved with linedance for over 30 years. I began as a pupil, and after 2 years became an instructor. My main ‘job’ at that time was as a vocalist and cabaret artiste, and undoubtedly my interest in music influenced me to choreograph. My success as a “fun, energetic and somewhat off-the-wall”, instructor and the popularity of my choreography generated invitations to teach at workshops all over the UK, USA, Asia and Europe.

Being recognised by the linedance community for your achievements is very special and I have been fortunate to receive many linedance awards, amongst them a Crystal Boot, an Australian AUD and most recently two CNN Instructor of the Year awards 2021 and 2022.

But, for me, the true joy of linedance has always been the people, the fun and the friendships.

And that is why, when I started my own dance event company 10 years ago, I knew that I would continue to teach my weekly classes. And that all my events would put the dancers needs at the heart of every event.

Getting the right mix of venue, location, dance floor, facilities, staff and business approach was a tall order, but thanks to everyone who has supported both myself and my events, I am proud to say that:

“Delivering for Dancers”

has not only brought my company continued success, but has given me a lot of personal joy and stronger friendships.